Thursday, 16 May 2019

Me not M . E --A Poem

I dedicate this poem to Ms. Corina Duyn-An Artist, a Writer and a wonderful Puppeteer from Ireland.
I got to know her through yet another wonderful friend. She is diagnosed with a rare illness called
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)

Hands crave to carve,

Legs crave to walk long to serve;

My body reluctant to move;

Mind constant to prove,

I fell back, back on my knees;

Whirled in life’s own wild freeze,

Dependent on all like an oak tree on roots with ‘Please’,

How long the journey that just begun would last;

Hard to forget the past,

My life, my dream, my passion;

Ready to face the writ with confession,

Alas!! Peeping through the window for lovely occasion;

May the blue berries carry away all my blues with them,

May the church bells ring aloud the sound of my well-being;

May the waves at the sea shore bring back me ‘new’ well washed,

It’s M.E. that is affecting me;

Deteriorating self was pushed well by buzzing bee,

With a struggle between body and soul;

Coping with controls and roll,

Support of wheel chair and a goal;

It’s just M.E in me not me in M.E,

The fight begun, called the world;

I survive and survive for my passion,

Reunite near and dear;

Who are harmless and no fear,

My thoughts, my vision, my mission now clear;

Carving, sculpting dolls into puppets,

New life into M.E with taking care of budget;

With no grudges, I have felt of others touching it,

Fly high, Fly high…I shall fly high with M.E

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